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Tracks you need to know - VEVO DSCVR - This is one of the many artists youc an find at the VEVO series — M.O. — Dance on my own.


Since I was a kid, I was always excited when I heard a song with a good rhythm and sound. This excitement and desire stood with me for many years. Any time when I tried to get into the music pathway and be a musician, I got distracted with some other part of life, which I never wanted. Because of many reasons, I was not able to get into the music industry as I wanted. But my desire kept growing with me and I couldn’t ignore, any more. At age 32 as a third year starving medical student in my married life with a beautiful girl, I decided to change my lifestyle. Always and still, I am happy to be a physician, but my intuition was not happy, and I can no longer ignore the reality. After having institutional depression and being unhappy (during the day) in the past journey of my life, I found that I need to really live happy and following my heart to be and follow my dream. I found out that I get excited and happy with beats and mixing two songs. Anytime when I tried to get more close to the music, I felt that I really get excited with as I feel the tempo change and music gives me happiness. One day, all of a sudden, I decided while I’m finishing my last year of medical school, I’ll try to learn the art of DJ’ing. After some research in San Francisco, I got the chance to know Mr. Chucky Brown and his Art as a DJ. At that moment with all the difficulty that I had, I decided to learn the DJ’s skills from Chucky. In his private package which was one of the most valuable things that I ever paid for it, I learned many things regarding beat and music plus I get more excited and motivated to be a DJ. Right now I am so happy to start and pursue my happiness and I will not stop working on passion until death. Cheers…!

DJ Intention by FOAD - Aug 15th,2014


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Student asked about DJ SCRATCH RECORDS - Our SCRATCH teacher — DJ PONE — answered”

"Try Googling "free scratch sound mp3". I haven’t tried many of the sites that come up, so I am not sure how many are legit. Of few I looked at, Looperman looks decent.

But basically you can scratch with any sound! You aren’t limited to what is intended for scratching. Most of the classic scratch sounds weren’t originally intended for scratching anyway.

The best sounds are either loud and punchy, or drawn out. In sound engineer talk, that is sounds with strong attack, and sounds with lots of sustain.

Try classic hip hop or soul songs For example, Public Enemy (rappers chuck d and flavor flav are sampled a lot) and James Brown (his voice and a lot of the horns are sampled).

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