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Tracks you need to know - VEVO DSCVR - This is one of the many artists youc an find at the VEVO series — M.O. — Dance on my own.


Since I was a kid, I was always excited when I heard a song with a good rhythm and sound. This excitement and desire stood with me for many years. Any time when I tried to get into the music pathway and be a musician, I got distracted with some other part of life, which I never wanted. Because of many reasons, I was not able to get into the music industry as I wanted. But my desire kept growing with me and I couldn’t ignore, any more. At age 32 as a third year starving medical student in my married life with a beautiful girl, I decided to change my lifestyle. Always and still, I am happy to be a physician, but my intuition was not happy, and I can no longer ignore the reality. After having institutional depression and being unhappy (during the day) in the past journey of my life, I found that I need to really live happy and following my heart to be and follow my dream. I found out that I get excited and happy with beats and mixing two songs. Anytime when I tried to get more close to the music, I felt that I really get excited with as I feel the tempo change and music gives me happiness. One day, all of a sudden, I decided while I’m finishing my last year of medical school, I’ll try to learn the art of DJ’ing. After some research in San Francisco, I got the chance to know Mr. Chucky Brown and his Art as a DJ. At that moment with all the difficulty that I had, I decided to learn the DJ’s skills from Chucky. In his private package which was one of the most valuable things that I ever paid for it, I learned many things regarding beat and music plus I get more excited and motivated to be a DJ. Right now I am so happy to start and pursue my happiness and I will not stop working on passion until death. Cheers…!

DJ Intention by FOAD - Aug 15th,2014


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